iNspiration …

Inspiration happens only once in life time.

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again 20-20 world cup!!!!

India in 20-20 World cup

 team INDIA...

team INDIA...

It satrts today… can Dhoni’s boys retain the title??? Yeah ofcourse!!! Team played like champions when they played warm up match against Pakistan. India has ever lost a game against Pakistan in the 20-20 world cup. Last time India beat Pakistan in the finale and clinched the first 20-20 world cup.
the great moment...

the great moment...

IPL has given full mental strength to Indian boys towards world cup!!! Mayb again Lords will witness Indians clinching the title… All youngsters are having good team spirit after the success of IPL. Fitness is the main problem the team is facing. viru, jadeja, Zaheer and yuvi are facing some problems.

june-6 : India vs Bangladesh

Dhoni said team became unified and looking well for the match.

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 he rules the world of tennis...

he rules the world of tennis...

federer Inches Closer to 1st French Open Title …

When all the masters dropped out from the French Open , the maestro Federer still continues his everlasting form in the world of tennis and he reached semis. The world No. 2 defeated Gael Monfils of France, 7-6, 6-2, 6-4, in two hours and 10 minutes to qualify for his 20 consecutive Grand Slam semifinal. The Swiss wunderkind is also just two victories away from completing his elusive career Grand Slam. In the 2009 French Open, Federer dominated Alberto Martin 6–4, 6–3, 6–2 in the first round, and defeated José Acasuso 7–6(8), 5–7, 7–6(2), 6–2 in the second round. He advanced to the fourth round by defeating Paul-Henri Mathieu in 4 sets, 4–6, 6–1, 6–4, 6–4. Today he will face No. 5 Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina.

the outstanding game he has played so far in this tournament is against Thomas Haas in the fourth round. After losing two sets also he was cool and the rest he played like a champion and finished of with 6-7(4), 5-7, 6-4, 6-0, 6-2.

Whole world feels world no.2 can re-conquer his champion position. Everyone expected a normal final between RF and Rafa but French Open creates a difference when Rafa knocked out in forth round. So wait and see and wishes to Roger Federer to clinch his first French open.

Semi Finale

RF got into the grand finale after beating Del Potro of Argentina, 3-6, 7-6 (7-2), 2-6, 6-1, 6-4… What we predicted was extremely right. He is in a great form and his predictions was right whole through the game. But I cant understand what happened to him in the first and third set!! But his come back is superb especially in fourth set. It was Federer’s second five-set win this tournament after he was also taken the distance by Tommy Haas in the fourth round. His endowment in backhand still proves he is the best. Some of the return by backhand was marvellous.

   backhand maestro!!!

backhand maestro!!!

If he can beat No. 23 Robin Soderling of Sweden on Sunday in great finale, Federer will tie Pete Sampras’ career mark of 14 Grand Slam singles titles. And he will become the sixth man with a career Grand Slam, at least one title from each of the four majors. Soderling reached finale after beating very eminent players like Rafa and in semis Gonzales.. “Federer’s going to be the favorite, by far,” Soderling said. Federer is 9-0 against Soderling, who will be playing in his first Grand Slam final and hopefully this time clay court will witness his first French Open title.

The grand Finale…

Yes he got it… The first French open title to the world tennis maestro Roger Federer…  It was a one sided final, RF didn’t give a small hope to his opponent Soderling. Score was 6-1 7-6 6-4.Actually i expected a tough final for the Roland Garros Crown but RF’ s game outplayed the Swedish. He is a cool person and after winning he couldn’t control his mind and he cried in the middle of the ground.  He also moved into a select group made up only of Fred Perry, Don Budge, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson and Andre Agassi as men who have won all four of the Grand Slam events.

one more feather to his cap..

one more feather to his cap..

Recalling Sunday’s final, RF said: “It was very hard mentally for me to stay within the match during the match, because my mind was always wondering, what if? What if I win this tournament? What does that mean? What will I possibly say? I don’t know. “I was very nervous at the beginning of the third set because I realised how close I was. The last game… was almost unplayable for me because I was just hoping to serve some good serves and hoping that he was going to make four errors. It was that bad. It was an emotional roller coaster for me.”



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Everyone smokes!!! Why cant I????

Smoking!!! Its a nice experience when you start first time . Addiction to smoking is rapid and we would have a tendency to continue smoking. Nowadays mainly teen agers are smoking more than the adults because smoking has become  a trend in the modern life. Teen age is the critical lifetime of a person where they start new mode of lifestyle and find emotions and feelings they have never felt before. Smoking is also a kind of feeling. When they feel it they are moving to a colorful world there he is getting lot of friends for company and he believes them sincerely and after that he wont be aware of his family and future in career. First of all we must be aware of why we are living in this universe and what all are the tasks we have to complete before our death!!! The life we have is not to be wasted by smoking, drinking etc. We can do so many astonishing things to the world and many of them are not aware of their duties.


The youth will be having a lot of role models in various fields like films ,sports and games etc. They used to see a lot of movies of various languages and mostly the “Superstar” may be smoking there in the film. [Bollywood star Sharukh Khan used to smoke in the film and outside and he is the hero of lot of youth] Then they became inspired by his “fantastic action” in the film and the small desire generates an affliction in his deeper mind towards smoking. So after that if he gets a small chance to smoke definitely he will utilize it. Also the youth is having a good mentality towards friendship and most of them care friends more than that of family. It is a good fact to an extent but this friendship now became the big reason for smoking. If anybody starts smoking in a gang surely it will spread over to others. It will start as an hobby or time pass and the in time it will become unavoidable. The youth give more importance to love and by the end most of the  love affairs, mainly “campus love” become a great “love failure”. Most of them think by smoking they will get relief from their pain and they are defeating their lover by wasting their own lives.  Also one of my senior told me he smokes only branded Cigarettes not because of its smoothness , because of the beauty of the Cigarette :-).

Think!!! Is the solution for these all problems smoking???

No absolutely not!!! They are thinking by smoking we can get rid of these problems but they are not at all knowing about the negative effect to be faced in the near future. Forget u , it will affect a lot to your friends , parents, family members and your well wishers. Passive smoking is as harmful as active smoking. Also smoking makes a person impotent and maybe it will help Chinese and Indians!! hehe.

Everyone knows what all are the harmful ingredients in the Cigarette so no need to explain regarding it and Iam directly going to the most essential part : How can we solve this problem!!!

Firstly consider the people who are currently smoking. They wont hear whatever we say regarding the adverse effects of smoking. So better do onething, we must create a chance for them to meet people who is suffering both mental and physical problems due to smoking. Also our smokers must meet their family members and then they came to know about the feelings and pains they are suffering due to this habit. Also they cant quit smoking at a sudden moment and if they quits likes that after two or three days definitely they will restart it. So tell them to control smoking and make 1 per day and slowly then to 1 per week and after some days they will come back to their ordinary life may smoke only in parties or in some other occasions. Anyhow “something is better than nothing”.

Then consider if they listen to our advice and they need to stop smoking but they are not able to stop smoking because of their less will power. But we cant blame them because it is due to the great effect of Cigarette. Better tell them to concentrate on other activities like body building, games or other physical activities or spirituality. Rather than this somebody has to push them for their well being.

“Paint a rainbow inside of you, let your smile shine through. When it’s cold and gray, push the clouds away, paint a rainbow in your heart.”

So finally check my title  “Everyone smokes!!! Why cant I????” …. What does it mean? It is giving a lot of meanings to this modern youth. Everyone need a difference in our life.

“Enjoy Smoking” !!!

If you dont love your kith and kin.

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What does this mean???….

I dont need to explain how and why poverty generated in India. I just need to convey how can we face this serious issue .

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How can we lead India….????

WE have seen so many adorable movements for the well development of our mother country but Lead India Movement is a classical one which everyone are accepting its ideas… It is a kind of an attractive movement in our great India for the whole billion people. But the point is not seeing this video and commenting about the direction and other technical aid and drawback of the video. How to implement the ideas of the Lead India Movement for the well development of our mother India. So we can implement through various customs.

Mainly we must create general awareness to our people about the problems our India is facing and the way we can overwhelm it. It must extend to each and every corner of our India. But we have to be very conscious and the question is” how will we implement this????”

They must be well aware of the need of Lead India Movement. Inorder to achieve their hearts we must know what all are their interests to listen Lead India Movement. I will explain using an eg. :

My proper place is a small town named Ottapalam. There how will I implement this movement??? I know wat all are their interests and how can I get their concentrations towards this movement. But a single person cant do a major task but if he gets a link to other one and that channel will carry on…. So I will make contact with the persons having a little interest and push them to take initiative. There are lot of organizations for youth and pensioners and we can convey the message about the “Lead India Movement” to them by taking their little time. But they have to be inspired by our talks and after our talk there have to be some discussions. So implementing is the difficult problem we are facing and we must overcome by our smartness.

Leadership is main quality needed for a person to lead a successful life. It includes courage, visualize, respect and other admirable qualities. He will be having the mentality of ” Iam what Iam”. He builds his walls with the rocks others throw at him . So then if all the people in India acquires this abilities the question of “Who will LeadIndia??” wont arise!!   But how can they attain this abiltiy??? Many of us suddenly think about politics, but I dont think it is the right answer. It will workout to a certain extent and if a single person in a particular party debauchs then it will suffer to the entire party.


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ideas are the basic entity that we need to start a venture. Think, get ideas and try a lot to implement it…. ideas may lead you a wrong way but going through that way you’ll get a great experience and you will be self-confident. So go on trying….

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